Steps For Smokers Wanting To Avoid Poor Quality Double Chamber Bongs

Tobacco smokers can source a great amount of value when investing in quality double chamber bongs.

Although it is considered a niche subject for many smokers who are conditioned to using cigarettes, this is not an activity that has to be limited to other substances.

By and large this is a product that produces a far superior hit, using each chamber to cool the smoke for a first-class hit for the user.

Now that the global market has expanded its reach and it is becoming more acceptable to purchase, what are the steps that individual consumers can use to avoid being shortchanged?

That will be the topic of conversation.


No Return Policy or Warranty Measures

Double chamber bongs can be purchased from anywhere as cheap as $100 retail to $1,000 and above depending on the materials, the brand reputation and the shipping costs that are included as part of the package. With an investment of that scale, some consumers won’t be bothered about the inclusion of a written warranty of needing to look over the return policy. Such a detail is usually hidden in the fine print of the terms and conditions in any case. However, should the goods be compromised, there is a fault with the product or the item is deemed unsatisfactory and not what was advertised, this is the only means of accessing a refund or replacement at no cost to the customer.


Hard to Clean Products

By their very nature double chamber bongs are more difficult to clean than their single chamber counterparts, but that should not make the exercise entirely arduous for the user. This is a process that should see the removal of the residue from the item to ensure there should be no stains present. The standard procedure will see the bong disassembled, emptied, given a rinse under hot water and then applied with a mixture of coarse salt, vinegar and baking soda before being rubbed with alcohol. If these steps prove to difficult where the cleaning procedure cannot condition the goods, that will be the signal of a poor brand.


Easy to Break

One of the major downsides about opting for a larger volume with a smoking apparatus is the increased chance that it could be broken or compromised during transit. Double chamber bongs fall into this category and it is the responsibility of the business to ensure that it is properly protected and packaged. Then there is the need to use a reliable courier, avoiding cheap forms of transit that can create difficulties for shipping product interstate or overseas.


Limited Stylistic Choice

So much about what double chamber bongs offer users is a chance to get creative and to customise their personal stylistic choice. From ceramic and wooden brands to metallic, glass and plastic choices, this is a niche that continues to innovate and offer more selection for individual users. In most cases there will be customisation features that deliver unique artwork for the customer, so if these options are not at the disposal of the provider, that will reflect on their business.


Poorly Reviewed Outlet Online

Should a provider of double chamber bongs be poorly rated and reviewed online, that will be the best indication yet that the brand is of poor quality. Shoppers who go online to source their goods, whether that be via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop will all be able make their judgments and publish their feedback to the rest of the smoking community. To avoid poor quality and miss being overcharged for an unsatisfactory product, steer clear of outlets who cannot satisfy the demands of customers.