doctor's online prescription

Critical Information About Online Prescriptions

A doctor’s request for online prescriptions to be prepared and administered as a drug for a patient is an important part of modern medicine. The document has several different elements and they include superscriptions with some pretentious use of Latin and other details that outline the name of ingredients and in what quantities they exist in the compound.

Online prescriptions can be put inside a digital system that collects records and transmits information on the document to a pharmacy where the patient can get the medication they need. As an alternative, they are often also written by hand and printed on a pre-made form that can then be presented by the patient to a pharmacist when they physically attend the pharmacy.

What often happens is that a patient will take their online prescription to the physical pharmacy location and present it to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will take the script and then go prepare the batch for the patient, including the printing of labels that come with written instruction on how it should be taken (i.e. with a meal, before bed etc.)

Sometimes they are simply known as ‘scripts’ as the etymology of the full word comes from “pre” (before) and “script” (written), referring to the fact it is an order written down prior to a drug being prepared. There have been some legal issues in the United States over what defines a script, with some arguing that anything a doctor says verbally as medical advice could be considered a script, but this was defeated.

They need to be easy to understand

It is not known by many people how many deaths are caused by poor handwriting on scripts, and this is why online prescriptions have become more and more commonplace as standard practise. According to a report in 2006, at least 7000 Americans died, at least indirectly, as a result of illegible handwriting on medical documents whereby a doctor’s instructions were confused or ignored.

A lot of mistakes can happen between doctor and pharmacist as there is confusion over the Latin prefixes used. With today’s modern technology, the need for this kind of antiquated system (that is prone to human error) is lessened, and now online prescriptions can ensure there is little to no inaccuracy or obfuscation.

Some American states, like Florida, have put in legislation that sets out a minimum standard requiring all scripts be legible. Otherwise, the rise in digital technology has meant that these errors have been minimised as more people prefer to trust a computer system.

How do you get an online prescription?

An online prescription is acquired by going through a telehealth service that will enable you to video chat with a real doctor. During this video conference the doctor will be able to examine your symptoms and then determine what the best course of action for treating you is.

It is important to be honest and open with your medical practitioner when undertaking this video conference so that they can give the most accurate possible online prescription to you. You are able to have this script sent to the pharmacy of your choice for a qualified pharmacist to prepare and deliver to you.

You will likely be able to get a rebate on the medication depending on your health insurance plan, if you have one. Remember to always take the medication as directed.