Traits of top performing CFO’s:

The financial wing of every organization is the most crucial one, after all, the inflows and outflows of an organization are what determine its status in the market. Even more significant than this is the responsibility of the CFO – the captain of the ship, who has very carefully take crucial decision – decisions, impact of which will ripple down through not only the entire organization but the market too. So what does it take – to be a top performing CFO? Let’s have a look:



  • Grasp the operations:
    Before anything else, you need to have a grasp over the detailed information about the operations of a business. You need to get into the business, analyze it to the extent that all the financial policies you formulate have to go in sync with the existing affairs of the company. To do this effectively, you need to have all the essential details about various aspects of the organization, so that you can formulate comprehensive policies for the company.


  • Tap your workforce:
    Undoubtedly, you are the ultimate leader, but you also have one great asset in hand – the team working under you. You have to keep an eye on the best players in the team because the best solutions, unique ideas come from these minds. It may so happen that you were not able to find a solution for an issue, but it was resolved quickly by one of those working under you! So keep your mind open and receptive to ideas and opinions from your team too.


  • Equip and improvise your workforce:
    Conduct seminars, brainstorming sessions and bring in a host of innovative ways to prep your team. These sessions and workshops will keep them up to date and bring them up to the level they are expected to be. The extra efforts you invest to polish your staff and equip them with essential skills is what will work in your favour later – so do it!


  • Use technology well:
    There are a lot of options out there – right from Big Data to Cloud computing, make sure you explore and exploit the best of all the available technologies to help you make the best decisions and formulate apt policies. Analysis of data produced by software is essential, and keeping a tap on all changes – positive and negative –on the figures on a regular basis will definitely be of great help.

All the best!


Tips to be a great manager:

If you’ve been promoted to the post of a manager in your organization, congratulations! You’ve been chosen among the rest because of your ability to lead, and most important your knack to manage men and tasks alike. You sure know that your post comes along with a huge responsibility. So we’ve got a few tips which will help you be a great manager – one who’s known for his skills and a fantastic personality! Read on to know more:


Shrug off the role of the old manager:
Every person has a different way of dealing with things; you have your own too. So make use of it – don’t try to fit into the shoes of the previous manager – that may complicate things. It may so happen that people working under you may love the way you work a lot more than the way the previous manager did. So if you have your style, your way, your ideas of tackling things – use it! Be yourself.


Give and take feedback:
You need to give timely feedback to the team you are leading. This will help them understand their strengths and areas where they can direct efforts to improve. Shower your team with praise when targets are achieved well within the given time span and let them know that their efforts are noticed. Similarly, you need to take feedback from your managers – this will help you improvise too. No one is perfect, but we can always work upon our flaws to make sure they don’t hinder your work.


Chart out and discuss:
There’s no point in charting out a plan if you aren’t going to communicate it to your team! So, whatever the strategy or goals or targets are – make it known to every member of your team. This will give them a sense of direction, and they will channelize their efforts in that direction. This will make achieving the targets easier.


Delegate work and responsibilities:
An efficient manager is one who knows well how to schedule and delegate responsibilities. Getting work done is, and a good manager has the knack to get work done. You need to know which jobs need your personal intervention and which can be delegated – this will help you ease off the workload that’s on your head.

Being a manager, you need to know when yo switch between being a team leader and team member – this trick will definitely help you go a long way ahead.