Why The Trina Mono Solar Panel Range of Products Are a Worthy Investment Opportunity

Monocrystalline panels were once developed as a need to drive efficiency ratings with solar products.

Whereas the polycrystalline brands had their limitations, this would be a means of leveraging single-crystal silicon bars to optimise the sunlight exposure for residents.

Enter the Trina Mono (Monocrystalline) solar panel range, a series of products that have been offered to the Australian market with these inherent advantages built-in.

Here we will argue why these goods are well and truly valued as a worthy investment opportunity, maximising a piece of technology that should be optimised at every chance.

High Quality Performance Across All Weather Conditions

One of the downsides of acquiring a basic solar panel model is that it won’t necessarily be reliable during overcast and cloudy weather conditions. Particularly for residents living in these conditions continually throughout the autumn and winter months, that can be a genuine cause for concern. The Trina Mono solar panel range offers a selective emitter and provides advanced surface texturing to ensure that this performance does not falter, even when the light exposure levels are lower than expected.

Setting Industry Records

If the Trina Mono solar panel range is known for one thing and one thing only, it is the brand’s ability to continually set new industry records. The benchmark is being set almost exclusively by the organisation as their achievements have been well noted by industry experts. From the 284.7Wp output record for a 60-cell module in 2012 to the n-type IBC monocrystalline cell efficiency record of 24.13% in April of 2018, this is an enterprise that continues to lead the way for innovation and solar development.

Wide Product Range

From small and modest single homeowners to couples, large families, aged care facilities and multinational corporations, the Trina Mono solar panel range is extensive. To cater to all of these respective needs, the enterprise has had to formulate a series of unique products that are suitable for each sector in this market. This will include a range of dual glass, half-cell, bifacial, p-type mono-crystalline, PERC and multi-crystalline options. The initial 275kWh model from 2012 is still in circulation, but has since expanded to include the 365kWh TallMax range and the 315kWh Honey M Plus design as well. The company has already expressed plans to develop further beyond their 2019 standing, giving domestic customers a chance to be on the cutting edge of solar development. 

Ideal IBC Cell Placement

IBC or integrated back contact cells have become a part of modern solar infrastructure. Designed to optimise a higher concentration of sunlight than past models, these items have still proven tricky to master for manufacturers who have often left them exposed to the panels and therefore interfered in their own performance levels. The Trina Mono solar panel range integrates the busbars into the back of the cell to ensure that this exposure and added shade is not a factor to deter performance, a small step that can make a big difference in the overall equation.

Valued Highly By Clients and Constituents Globally

Arguably the best indicator for success in this instance when judging the merits of the Trina Mono solar panel range is to take stock of the reception by other clients and constituents. The ratings and reviews are continually above competitors in the same markets, illustrating that their years of performance do indeed translate to the public. Given their resources and expertise, individual consumers can leverage their innovation and take referrals from other customers at face value. This remains one of the hallmarks of the Trina Mono solar panel range.

10 Benefits of FGASA Courses

Tourism is still a very important aspect of South Africa that is continuing to grow and evolve. Looking into FGASA courses is a great way for you to get your foot in the door in an exciting industry that’s full of new opportunities.

The kind of career you start with after doing FGASA courses will probably be very different to what you initially imagine. There’s simply so much going on all the time that there’s always something new on the horizon for you.

Today’s tourists are more connected with the environment and care about leaving a minimal carbon footprint. A lot of today’s lodges that you can find on safari game reserves have taken extra steps to make everything as eco-friendly as possible so that guests don’t feel guilty about their stay or that they’ve added to a sense of exploitation.

With these things in mind, let’s take a look at 10 reasons why doing FGSA courses could be a great idea for you.

  • You will get to enjoy a life-changing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. The memories you make during FGASA courses will last a lifetime and stay with you forever.
  • You will make some amazing new friends and mentors during the time. You will likely make lifelong friends who you will correspond with for decades to come. Who knows, you might even meet the love of your life as students have married in the past!
  • You will get to be fully immersed in the wilderness for at least six months or longer! Being able to wake up to this kind of adventure every day is a real privilege and one of the highlights of FGASA courses.
  • You might get a chance of getting your absolute dream job. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and this is no different with FGASA courses! Imagine if you actually got to become a safari guide!
  • The skills you learn are highly transferrable, so even if you don’t land that dream safari job you can still get value out of doing it. Many students return to their home countries to use their knowledge to land jobs in wildlife tourism.
  • Being able to work on a real game reserve is one of the most amazing lifestyles you can ever hope for. Its one of the safest places to work and you won’t have to deal with any morning traffic!
  • Saving money is easy since you will work for 6 weeks on the game reserve then cycle out for a 2-week holiday.
  • You can work in some luxurious and stunning lodges that you will look impressive on your resume when you look for a future job.
  • While on FGASA courses you will learn skills, you can use throughout the rest of your life. These skills include leadership, teamwork and handling situations under pressure. 4×4 driving and photography are also skills you can learn.
  • Get up close and personal with iconic African wildlife and live a life you only see in the movies. Also, you’ll get to hang around bars telling people that you work with lions and elephants for a living.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of amazing reasons to pursue FGASA courses and start a fantastic career in wildlife tourism!

Why A Scaffold Extension Kit May Be The Exact Thing You Need To Solve All Of Your Problems

For many Australian tradesmen out there, they will become quickly acquainted with all things to do with maintenance, installations, and repairs. What they will begin to understand is that there are usually a whole host of tools and equipment that come along with these kinds of tasks and then there are a whole bunch of safety procedures to also follow. This is not only for their own good but also for the good of their team mates, client, and employer.

For instance, if people are working more than 4 metres above the ground, they will need to ensure that they are using a scaffold system. What can sometimes be a problem, however, is when their already existing system isn’t quite high enough for the task at hand and they need to get the job completed quick smart. So to best help get people out of a jam, here is why a scaffold extension kit may be the exact thing that you need to solve all of your problems.

A scaffold extension kit may be the exact thing you need to solve all of your problems as you will be able to reach a new height without having to purchase a new system

It can be a right pain for people when they have spent a lot of money on something only to find that it doesn’t have all of the capabilities that they were hoping for and that they will have to start looking for a replacement. What people may not realise is that they might not have to go out and purchase a new item as they may be able to enhance their current one. When it comes to this subject, people may instead be able to purchase a scaffold extension kit which can easily be added to their already existing system.

The great thing about this is that people are able to save themselves a great deal of money and they are also able to purchase something that is specifically suited to their needs. For instance, if people are needing exactly four more metres height then they can purchase an extension kit that is exactly 4 metres. Best of all, these types of things can usually be easily ordered online and delivered straight to people’s doors.

Why a scaffold extension kit may be the exact thing you need to solve all of your problems as people can get rid of the use of ladders altogether

While many people out there still use ladders on a daily basis, more and more businesses are turning away from this option as they understand how dangerous they can be. Not only are they uncomfortable to stand on, they are easy to fall from and they also cannot be easily adjusted so people may find themselves reaching and thus hurting themselves in the process. Instead, people are more willing to invest in small scaffolding that will allow their workers to safely operate their daily tasks.

What some people can find out that is happening, however, is that something their platform isn’t quite high enough and that people are grabbing ladders to set up on top of their platforms. This can be even more dangerous than using a ladder on the ground and is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, employers are able to stamp this behaviour out for good when they invest in a scaffold extension kit as their workers will easily be able to reach any height that they need.

Steps For Smokers Wanting To Avoid Poor Quality Double Chamber Bongs

Tobacco smokers can source a great amount of value when investing in quality double chamber bongs.

Although it is considered a niche subject for many smokers who are conditioned to using cigarettes, this is not an activity that has to be limited to other substances.

By and large this is a product that produces a far superior hit, using each chamber to cool the smoke for a first-class hit for the user.

Now that the global market has expanded its reach and it is becoming more acceptable to purchase, what are the steps that individual consumers can use to avoid being shortchanged?

That will be the topic of conversation.


No Return Policy or Warranty Measures

Double chamber bongs can be purchased from anywhere as cheap as $100 retail to $1,000 and above depending on the materials, the brand reputation and the shipping costs that are included as part of the package. With an investment of that scale, some consumers won’t be bothered about the inclusion of a written warranty of needing to look over the return policy. Such a detail is usually hidden in the fine print of the terms and conditions in any case. However, should the goods be compromised, there is a fault with the product or the item is deemed unsatisfactory and not what was advertised, this is the only means of accessing a refund or replacement at no cost to the customer.


Hard to Clean Products

By their very nature double chamber bongs are more difficult to clean than their single chamber counterparts, but that should not make the exercise entirely arduous for the user. This is a process that should see the removal of the residue from the item to ensure there should be no stains present. The standard procedure will see the bong disassembled, emptied, given a rinse under hot water and then applied with a mixture of coarse salt, vinegar and baking soda before being rubbed with alcohol. If these steps prove to difficult where the cleaning procedure cannot condition the goods, that will be the signal of a poor brand.


Easy to Break

One of the major downsides about opting for a larger volume with a smoking apparatus is the increased chance that it could be broken or compromised during transit. Double chamber bongs fall into this category and it is the responsibility of the business to ensure that it is properly protected and packaged. Then there is the need to use a reliable courier, avoiding cheap forms of transit that can create difficulties for shipping product interstate or overseas.


Limited Stylistic Choice

So much about what double chamber bongs offer users is a chance to get creative and to customise their personal stylistic choice. From ceramic and wooden brands to metallic, glass and plastic choices, this is a niche that continues to innovate and offer more selection for individual users. In most cases there will be customisation features that deliver unique artwork for the customer, so if these options are not at the disposal of the provider, that will reflect on their business.


Poorly Reviewed Outlet Online

Should a provider of double chamber bongs be poorly rated and reviewed online, that will be the best indication yet that the brand is of poor quality. Shoppers who go online to source their goods, whether that be via smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop will all be able make their judgments and publish their feedback to the rest of the smoking community. To avoid poor quality and miss being overcharged for an unsatisfactory product, steer clear of outlets who cannot satisfy the demands of customers.


Risks That Retirees Take When Avoiding Aged Care Financial Planning Expertise

Retirees leave their fate to chance if they decide to enter aged care without accessing the best aged care financial planning services.

Of course there can partners, next of kin and close friends and family members who can offer advice and give their opinion on the subject, but they won’t have the grounding to be able to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Here we will detail some examples of retirees getting it wrong when they don’t seek expert assistance.


Struggle Understanding Inherent Costs

There are a number of various costs that have to be incorporated during this transition for retirees. Leaving these elements to a home or unknown third party can be risky and it is always best to have aged care financial planning experts available as a sounding board in these circumstances.

They will outline how the accommodation payment can be formulated, featuring a daily accommodation payment (DAP) or a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD). Then there is the basic daily fee that covers most of the daily duties, a rate that changes in accordance with the Age Pension. Finally there is the means-tested care fee to cover the assessment. How these fees can be incorporated through a single account is a subject that only a professional can truly negotiate.


Limited Ability To Look At Investment Opportunities

The topic of aged care and investment through the stock market has been the subject of much debate in the public sector of late. With different government bodies weighing in on their approach, it is necessary to have aged care financial planning experts on hand to understand this landscape and identify where a portfolio can be diversified. These practitioners can source methods that allow retirement savings to go to work and expand in value, but finding those opportunities takes a trained and experienced eye for detail.


Limited Options For The Family Home/Estate

Planning for an estate and managing aged care financial planning duties can go hand-in-hand for clients that have to find a delicate balance. In one aspect they have to look after their short-term future with carers available for their medical needs. In another, they have to ensure that their property is in safe hands to be passed down to a partner or next of kin. Retirees are taking a risk if they make a judgment on instinct or face value, overlooking the benefits of a straight sell, renting the premises or engaging a reverse mortgage.


Complications With Social Security

Aged care financial planning becomes incredibly complicated for single retirees who have to engage Centrelink off their own accord without any type of assistance. Making the transition to an aged care facility will impact upon any Centrelink transactions and it is crucial that there is an expert practitioner who can communicate between the various departments. Being left alone in these circumstances is far from ideal, particularly if account names and numbers have been lost.


Relying on Inexperienced Advice

The final risk that retirees take into their own hands when avoiding the expert assistance of aged care financial planning operators is relying on advice from inexperienced parties. On a very basic surface level, these practitioners help clients to understand how aged care actually works, providing detail and assurances that combat some common misconceptions about the industry.



The good news for clients who engage with aged care financial planning services is that they don’t need to enter into any types of contracts or agreements that cost them money. These outlets are expected to provide obligation-free discussions that shed light on the practice and allow individuals to formulate their own opinions and feelings on the transition. Should they wish to progress the professional relationship and open up new opportunities, then their counsel will become a valuable commodity.


How To Choose The Perfect Preschool In Delahey

There comes a time when it is important to help your child by letting them grow up; one of the best ways of doing this is by sending them to a preschool in Delahey. But it can be incredibly hard to let go, this is why you need to feel comfortable with leaving your child at whatever center you choose.

Keep reading to find out some easy ways to help you decide on the perfect preschool in Delahey.



Any parent who has already put one of their children into a preschool in Delahey will know that it can be incredibly expensive. Therefore, it is something you will need to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect place to send your child. Thinking about how much you can afford before you begin your search is essential; the last thing you want to do is find a place you love but can’t afford. Your price range will also help to narrow down the available options.

A common mistake that lots of parents make is not understanding the actual costs involved with child care. Don’t fall into this trap. Instead, when looking for the perfect place to send your little one, make sure you are completely aware of what is included. For example, some centers will include lunch for all children, others will require you to pay extra for this service or ask you to provide a packed lunch. Although it can feel daunting, don’t be afraid to ask questions to help you understand exactly what you are paying for!

Obviously the price is important, and you can’t put yourself in financial struggle just to send your child to a preschool in Delahey, but it is not the only thing you should think about. Remember, the most expensive option may not be the best fit, nor will the cheapest. Don’t forget about your budget, but don’t let it completely make the decision for you!


little girl smilingYour child’s personality

Arguably one of the most important things when it comes to finding the best preschool in Delahey is finding somewhere your child will be happy. The personality of your child will go a long way in determining which child care center will be the most appropriate. After all, you wont feel relaxed leaving them there if you feel as though they are unhappy.

The only person that can make this decision, however, is you. You know your child better than anyone and therefore you will be the person to decide which sort of environment they will thrive in. For example, is your child outgoing or shy? Do they excel in busy social situations or d they prefer quieter, smaller places?

Child care centers come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important not to forget about the impact this may have on your little one. If your child is a social butterfly, they will be more than happy in a large, busy place. However, if your child is slightly more shy, perhaps look for somewhere that is less busy.


little girl writingCleanliness and staff

It is always recommended that you visit any preschools in Delahey that you are seriously considering. While somewhere may seem amazing on paper, the atmosphere might not appeal to you. There are a few things that you should pay particular attention to when taking a tour of any preschool in Delahey.  

The first thing you should be looking at is the cleanliness. Obviously this is an area filled with children, so you shouldn’t be concerned by toys on the floor. Instead, pay attention to areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Do these areas look clean and hygienic?

The staff are another important factor as these are the people your child will be interacting with regularly. Make sure you feel comfortable leaving your child with these people. Are they friendly and good with children? Are there enough staff to deal with the amount of children there?


3 Advantages Of Hiring Rubbish Removal In Sydney Over A Skip Bin

Junk and clutter are a sad reality of life for many households in Australia as our consumerist society churns through material possessions at an alarming rate. Indeed, issues around the validity of lifestyles wherein so much waste is generated are coming to the fore of global conversations around climate change and ecological sustainability.

Regardless, most of us need to carry out a major clean-out of our homes at one point or another. Perhaps you have allowed your garage to become a mini-tribute to the Pacific Ocean’s trash island, or maybe you have a shed in the backyard that’s overflowing with discarded furniture, white goods and clothing/textiles.

In situations like this, many people will traditionally just hire a skip bin. This entails having a large steel container dumped on your front lawn, so you can fill it up with trash before it is collected again a predetermined amount of days later.

However, this isn’t the most cost-effective or most convenient way to do things. If you live in metropolitan New South Wales, it would make sense for you to look at hiring Heaps Cheap Rubbish Removal, a professional rubbish removal in Sydney.

Hiring professional providers of rubbish removal in Sydney is far superior to hiring a skip bin for a multitude of great reasons. Let’s take a look at some of them now.


1.      Don’t need to do any work yourself

When you choose to hire professional rubbish removal in Sydney rather than a skip bin, the only thing you will need to pick up is your phone, so you can book them. Once you’ve consulted with the team that arrives and organised payment, you can simply sit back and relax while they do all the heavy lifting.

This is really helpful if you are someone with a disability or you are elderly and can’t do all the physical labour yourself. Similarly, it’s good if you simply want to spend your weekend recreating or doing a job that you are better suited to.

Using a skip bin would often mean imposing on friends and family to sacrifice part of their free time to come and help you fill up the container. While this can be a fun bonding experience, there are more exciting activities to do as a group than clean up.


2.      Much safer for you and others

Another benefit of hiring rubbish removal in Sydney rather than a skip bin is that the junk is only going to be handled, picked up and shifted by a team of fully trained and insured professionals. This obviously means you won’t risk the safety of yourself or your loved ones and means that you don’t be liable for medical expenses if the worst does occur.

The team that arrives at your home will be trained in proper lifting techniques required to safely move large items like refrigerators, washing machines, discarded furniture etc. Anything that can be lifted by two people is able to be taken away and disposed of responsibly.


3.      Better for the environment

One lesser known but highly attractive benefit of hiring rubbish removal in Sydney instead of a skip bin is the fact that the team that arrives at your home will follow a policy designed to minimize waste and maximize to amount that is recycled or re-used. This means that everything they collect from your home will be sorted into different piles and taken to the correspondent recycling centre or humanitarian charity.

This gives you greater peace of mind by allowing you to lower your carbon footprint and not feel guilty about the mess your lifestyle generates.

Hopefully this has given you helpful information on hiring rubbish removal in Sydney.




Bored of the same old holiday? Organise a grand canyon helicopter tour

Going on a holiday is meant to be a time of relaxation, growth and enjoyment. Such moments should be treasured and valued, particularly if spent with friends and family. However, if you are finding that your holidays and time spent away are becoming more and more repetitive, this might be a sign to change things up and do something a little different. That “something different” could be anything: white-water rafting, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef or going on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. The United States’ boasts a plethora of world-renowned landmarks; however, this famed Colorado ravine is often high on everyone’s list of must-sees. So, if you’re looking to break up the holiday monotony, here are several reasons why you simply must organise a Grand Canyon helicopter tour.



You might be thinking that an aerial journey through America’s greatest ravine isn’t exactly convenient or easy. You’re probably imagining a rather complicated process. However, what many tourists don’t account for is the isolation of the gorge. The gorge is located hours and hours away from “close by” cities, like Las Vegas, to the point that just getting there takes most of the day. Instead of spending hours on a cramped, humid bus travelling through dull, desert plains, you could organise a Grand Canyon helicopter tour that will take you through the gorge, across the Colorado Corridor and back to the drop off location. You can organise a trip from Las Vegas to the ravine and back within the day!


Unrivalled views

Another added benefit of organising a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is the sheer beauty and quality of the views. Whilst there are many stationary lookout points along the edge of the ravine, they can’t compare with the unparalleled access that an aerial trip will give you.

grand canyon

The ravine is approximately 446km wide and over 6000 feet in depth, meaning that the Mohave and Yavapai lookout points will show you some, but not all of what the gorge has to offer. However, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour will grant you photo access to the most isolated parts of the Colorado Corridor, including the Dragon Corridor, which is the deepest part of the ravine!


Good value for money

Another advantage of organizing an aerial trip through Colorado is that it is actually great value for money. Think about how much money you’ll spend on bus tickets, food for the day and tickets to actually get access to the US’ most famed natural landmark. Alternatively, save money and time by organising a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. No need to buy lunch or bus fares to get to your destination. Keep it simple and get there via the aerial route – you won’t regret it.


Cherished memories

Furthermore, a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is also a really nice way to gather memories that you will treasure forever. Make sure you take plenty of photos while you’re in the air, so that you can look back on them with happiness and wonder. Likewise, come home with an authentic story to tell family and friends because it is such a unique and wonderful thing to see this historic landmark. Dining at some of Las Vegas’ most esteemed and highly-rated restaurants is great and all but being able to see something natural and real can be far more enriching and memorable. It doesn’t have to be the focus of your trip either. If you’re stopping over for a few days in Las Vegas, consider taking a break from the casinos, drinking and the restaurants, and step outside of your comfort zone. Instead, organise a Grand Canyon helicopter tour for an out-of-this-world experience.


The Value in Giving a Best Spas Gift Card

A Best Spas gift card might not be the first option that comes to mind when thinking of a present idea for a friend or family member. Amongst all the options that could be given, from wine or flowers to chocolate, clothing, a dinner night out or something else entirely, people can overlook the value of something that lets the recipient relax and enjoy themselves during a comprehensive service.

best spas gift card

When someone is celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement or a milestone or event that is important to them, a gift can signify that moment in the best way possible. It communicates a degree of care, love and respect for that person, and treating them to a spa day certainly ticks all those boxes.

Still left unconvinced?

Here we will look over the value in sourcing a Best Spas gift card for your friend or loved one, speaking to the advantages that you will receive as a consumer and what the recipient can look forward to once it has been accepted.


Multiple Locations

A Best Spas gift card is valid all around Australia as a series of outlets have made themselves partners to this initiative from the brand. From Sydney to Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth, every corner of the country is covered. This allows a long distance gift to still be more than valid and does not force the recipient to travel far and wide to take advantage of the services. In modern day society, families and friends do live long distances from one and other and this ability to offer a gift that is just as useful from one time zone to the next is a genuine asset.


Long Lifespan

Time limits on vouchers and gift cards can be a genuine hindrance in some respects. Placing pressure on the recipient to utilise the present within a closed time frame is never an ideal solution. For a Best Spas gift card, there is a 3-year lifespan on the item to give them plenty of time and maneuverability to make use of the item. The March 31, 2018 deadline passed and those cards issued after that particular date are qualified for that 3-year period. That is a long time to make a decision on an outlet that suits – 36 months to be exact.


Versatile For Different Celebration Types

Who is to say what a Best Spas gift card could be used for exactly? Well you, ideally. From a baby shower to a birthday, a wedding present, celebrating Mother’s Day or just as a winning prize in an office lottery – the options are endless and plentiful. This is why the item is so popular for shoppers who want something that is not tied to one single event profile.


Lower Overheads and Logistics For Purchaser

A Best Spas gift card can be redeemed through a variety of outlets around the country. They are mailed and tracked through a certified system after being ordered online. This keeps the overheads low and the logistics simple, not requiring any assembly or complicated processes to get in the way of the transaction.


Gift of Quality

The bottom line is simple. When providing a friend or loved one with a Best Spas gift card, it illustrates that you care about them because it is a sensational gift to give. Few presents empower a recipient like this does to go out on the town and enjoy themselves to a manicure, pedicure, massage or facial of their own choosing.



You will do better than to find a present that matches the quality of a Best spas gift card. Other options are out there in the market but if you speak with your friends on the quiet if they would like to receive one of these, you might be interested to hear what they have to say about the Best spas gift card.