Why Enterprises Are Making The Switch to The Teams Voice Application in 2021

The Teams Voice application from Microsoft is the perfect modern business tool to use in 2021. By tapping into cloud-based technologies, brands are able to undertake all of their communication and video conferencing Melbourne requirements under a secure banner without having to worry about logistical faults and increased fees through telcos. It is the ideal time to discuss why the time is right to make the change for any business profile.

Saving Cost

The amount of money that is lost through telco contracts and hardware access is quite staggering by 2021 standards. It is why the use of Teams Voice becomes so beneficial for brands in the current climate, allowing them to take advantage of a cloud-based model that reduces expenditure across the board. That is a key incentive that is not lost on those monitoring the balance sheet.

Leverage Automated Features

One of the main features that organisations will try and stay on top of with their phone number is having an automated system that takes messages with thorough efficiency. The Teams Voice design is helpful in this respect, opening up automated features that don’t require any extra intervention from representatives once it has been implemented. That is a big tick for making progress on the time management front.

Bypassing Dropout Concerns

So long as users have consistent internet access with the Teams Voice application, then they won’t have to worry about phone call dropouts like others do through traditional telcos. It is a major frustration for those who are on an important conference call or looking to close a deal with a customer, being on the receiving end of poor reception. These conversations deliver nothing but clarity and consistency.

Collect Calls to Groups

There are various departments across the public and private sector who need to connect multiple members on a single call. The advantage of using Teams Voice is that these talks are possible, using the license for conferencing purposes where individuals can login from anywhere at any time. This is a critical asset for businesses that need to be operating in sync, avoiding the types of blunders that lead to lost revenue and reputational damage.

Accessible From Anywhere

Thankfully Teams Voice really delivers for those companies who have staff members and operators strewn across various positions and time zones around the world. So long as they have internet access and connection to a device of their choosing, then they are able to connect with their team through the same system. That is the real strategic advantage of tapping into a cloud-based model because it is universal in its application.

Inclusion Into Other Microsoft Applications

Investing in a protocol like this is a worthy selection because businesses are able to adapt more Microsoft Suite features into their arsenal. If there are requirements for more hardware or software dynamics, then this operator can engage the brand as a one-stop-shop, opening up other avenues for improving efficiencies and upgrading operational programming.

Retaining Phone Number

The good news for those operators who make the switch to this Microsoft system is that they can still retain their old phone number. This is ideal for brands who have their listing brandished across vehicles, front offices, print advertising spots, websites and beyond. There is no need to change just for the sake of integrating towards Teams Voice.

Continuing or Changing Communication Habits

Local clients who adapt this modern system are still able to utilise a traditional landline model if that is appropriate for the company. It is one of the many reasons why the cloud-based design from Microsoft is so versatile, giving clients the chance to integrate their desk phone where necessary or to shift to a digital platform where mobiles, tablets and desktops can undertake the conversations.