Steps towards building a successful legal practice:

Lawyers out there, especially those who have just started out will know what exactly this is about! Starting off out on your own isn’t easy, especially when it comes to law. So how do you tackle this new, challenging phase? How do you surpass all expectations, worries, doubts et al. to establish your name in this field? Read on to know more:


  • Chalk out your plan:
    When you start off on a journey unknown, it’s always better to have an idea in hand. You know you have the skills, the required specialization – but how are you going to get it across to people, to potential clients? That is what requires thought. You can use whichever medium you are comfortable with – if public speaking is your magic tool, use it. Look out for opportunities which will allow you to display your skills and talent and help you tap potential clientele. You could also write – blog posts on your website or any other relevant social media platform. Aggressive marketing is the backbone of a steady business clientele – so do it!

  • Word of mouth publicity:
    Initially, till you set yourself one, you are the one who has to do this for yourself! So whichever events you attend, make sure that you shrug off all your hesitance and go ahead and talk to people – about yourself, about your newest venture and about them too. This will help you gather a client base – not all of them will seek your help, but even if some of them do, your word of mouth publicity has been a success. Don’t leave any stone unturned and use every possible opportunity in hand to publicize yourself and your venture and wait patiently for the results.


  • Choose and use your staff carefully:
    Every lawyer has his own specialty – for example, may be a master of criminal law. Not that you won’t be able to fight out other cases, but you are at your best when it comes to criminal law. What you have to keep in mind is the fact that your firm has to be all-rounded. So while hiring, you have to hire lawyers with different specializations, to make your job easier. After you’ve chosen the right staff, as per your needs and requirements, you have to trust and assign them with responsibilities and tasks – after all, that’s how a firm works – with perfect coordination and teamwork.job-interview

There’s a lot more that you can do, but getting the basics right is the first step! So start off tight away.

Tips to live an interesting life:

Tired of living the same old boring life? With those rigorous routines, the same schedules, the monotony? You need to revamp your life and add some fun to it! And we’ll show you how to do it! Read the post and pick your favorite way to make your life more fun and exciting!


Home parties:
There’s’ no need to go to a club and hang out with a tonne of strangers! Especially when you can have a fantastic, cozy home party in the company of the best of your friends, who know what real fun is! Just call over your closest buddies for a barbeque party or bonfire party, and you’ll surely end up with a million memories. So much so, you will keep hosting more of such parties often!


Attend tournaments:
Pick your favorite sport and go watch the match that’s nearest to you! What’s the fun in screaming your lungs our, cheering for your favorite team or player when you can do so in a stadium? So go, cheer your heart out!


This never never goes wrong! Take those pending leaves off and set out on an adventure! It may be a hiking trip, a bike tour or something thrilling like bungee jumping or skydiving! You always wanted to do that one thing which would get your adrenaline rushing and heart thumping – so go, do it!


Keep the child alive:
Most of the people lose their senses the minute they kill that lively child inside them! So don’t do it ever – no matter what people say, keep that kid in your alive, kicking and burning always! Don’t let anyone stop you from singing your favorite songs out loud or jumping up and down the trampoline if you love to do it!


Don’t wait:
Wanted to do something? No one’s ready to do it with you? Chuck them! Go do it alone, all by yourself! Return home with thrilling tales of your trip, tour, adventure whatever it was! Don’t waste your life waiting – have your fun, even if you have to do it alone!


Attend a music concert:
The tickets and passes may cost a bomb, but hey, do you even know how thrilling it is to watch your favorite singer performing right in front of you?! With you and everyone around you singing your lungs out, cheering, and flashing lights? Sounds so exciting right, do it right away!

There’s no dearth of activities which you can do to spice up your life – find them and do them!

Ways to stop stressing and live a peaceful life:

Our hectic lives bring along with them a lot of other issues too – negativity, dissatisfaction, stress, unnecessary worries – the list is endless. Does it mean you give in to all these negative emotions and continue living a life you wouldn’t live if given an option? If this is the case, you need to go through this post – to help you live a less stressful and more peaceful life:


  • Wake up early:
    I don’t want to get preachy here, but waking up early does have its own benefits. If you wake up late, you have to begin your day in a hurry. Why not wake an hour earlier, and wake up to a peaceful morning, one that will help you fantastically go through the rest of the day? Try it, it works. But yes, for waking early, you have to sleep early too!



  • Cut down on social media:
    Social media is the main culprit these days – while moderate, controlled usage of anything is perfect, the main issue is when it becomes an addiction. You have to keep know how to disconnect yourself from the virtual world which is faker than anything else.


  • Venture into nature:
    Instead of gluing yourself to any screen- laptop, phone, iPad – drop it all and go off into nature’s arms. Connecting with nature helps to calm your mind and makes you realize that there is a real, authentic world outside that fake virtual life too.


  • Hangout with great friends:
    The reason why I said great friends is because some friends are just pots of negativity! Steer clear from such friends, especially if you’re trying to gather yourself. Try to keep positive, lively and upbeat company – it influences your mood too!



  • Declutter:
    Cleaning your home and getting rid of all unwanted clutter works like a beautiful therapy! You should definitely try it, to know how beautifully it works. Decluttering is a way to get rid of all the stored negativity in your home, in the place you spend most of your time – so going through this decluttering ritual once a while will help you.


  • Me-time:
    No matter how busy you are, make sure you spare some me-time for yourself. It will help you gather your thoughts and compose yourself. You can also use this time to pursue something you love to do, something which calms your mind – like playing the guitar or reading or sketching.

Hope these tips help!

Tips to be a great manager:

If you’ve been promoted to the post of a manager in your organization, congratulations! You’ve been chosen among the rest because of your ability to lead, and most important your knack to manage men and tasks alike. You sure know that your post comes along with a huge responsibility. So we’ve got a few tips which will help you be a great manager – one who’s known for his skills and a fantastic personality! Read on to know more:


Shrug off the role of the old manager:
Every person has a different way of dealing with things; you have your own too. So make use of it – don’t try to fit into the shoes of the previous manager – that may complicate things. It may so happen that people working under you may love the way you work a lot more than the way the previous manager did. So if you have your style, your way, your ideas of tackling things – use it! Be yourself.


Give and take feedback:
You need to give timely feedback to the team you are leading. This will help them understand their strengths and areas where they can direct efforts to improve. Shower your team with praise when targets are achieved well within the given time span and let them know that their efforts are noticed. Similarly, you need to take feedback from your managers – this will help you improvise too. No one is perfect, but we can always work upon our flaws to make sure they don’t hinder your work.


Chart out and discuss:
There’s no point in charting out a plan if you aren’t going to communicate it to your team! So, whatever the strategy or goals or targets are – make it known to every member of your team. This will give them a sense of direction, and they will channelize their efforts in that direction. This will make achieving the targets easier.


Delegate work and responsibilities:
An efficient manager is one who knows well how to schedule and delegate responsibilities. Getting work done is, and a good manager has the knack to get work done. You need to know which jobs need your personal intervention and which can be delegated – this will help you ease off the workload that’s on your head.

Being a manager, you need to know when yo switch between being a team leader and team member – this trick will definitely help you go a long way ahead.