The Importance Of A Regular Building Condition Report

It is very important that regular building condition reports are undertaken and documented. The building condition report allows a landlord to be up to date on the condition of their building, as well as maintaining a relationship between the landlord and the tenant. In addition to this, the document allows a tenant and landlord to agree on the initial state of the building prior to leasing, which can prevent further issues in terms of disputes between the landlord and tenant.

What does a building condition report contain?

The building condition report should contain the textures and fittings of a building. This includes the colour of the interior (walls, carpets), extensive information on appliances (make, model etc.), photos of the interior and any repairs or defects in the building. Some regular building condition reports contain extensive and detailed information about the state of repair that the building is currently in, and the facts of this document should be agreed on by both the tenant and the landlord prior to leasing. Failure to do so can lead to disputes about the state a house was in before leasing, and disagreement on both sides.

Reasons why a building condition report is important

It can be used as a checklist during inspections

The building condition report can be used as a checklist for the building manager to utilise, upon a tenant ending their lease and leaving the premises. This is because the building condition report will state any upfront damage that the building already contained, and compare this to the current state of building, which can easily identify new damage that has occurred during the tenant’s lease. As a result, disputes are avoided as there is clear proof to compare the states of the building from previous, to present.

It is important for the tenant for their bond to be returned

The bond a tenant initially deposits when first leasing the building is only returned if it is in the same state of repair that it was in prior to leasing. Often times, this bond is not returned citing reasons to do with damage, which can lead to conflict between the tenant and the landlord. The building condition report allows the building manager to efficiently and effectively check the building for damage, by going through the itemized checklist in order to determine this. Thus, the building condition report is a critical tool in the return of a bond to the tenant.

The landlord is able to see that their building is not being damaged

For many landlords, a building is an investment. By investing in a building and renting out to tenant(s), the landlord is putting their trust in them that they will not damage the building. Damage to the building can severely affect their investment, and their livelihood. Routine and regular inspections allow the building manager to show the landlord that the tenant is taking care of the building, and that the lease terms are being honoured. Furthermore, it allows them to see that the building is being maintained and clean, it is not damaged, maintenance issues can be identified and attended to and that there are no pets on the premises unless explicitly agreed to.

In conclusion, routine inspections of the building allow the landlord to be satisfied that the tenant is keeping the state of the building maintained and in a good state, as well as being able to have evidence of the initial state of repair the building was in prior to leasing. This ensures that disputes between returning of the bond can be resolved quickly, and protects the landlord’s investment.

How Do I Find Electrical Wholesalers Near Me?

If you’re searching for a supplier of goods like cables, sockets, wiring, fittings or anything else that an electrician might need then you’re probably asking yourself ‘how do I find reliable electrical wholesalers near me?’. There are many options out there to choose from, but some of them are of course better than others. Some suppliers will have a better reputation, more stock, better prices or better customer service than their competitors, so how do you weed out the good from the bad? Here are our top tips:

Ask around

Use your professional network to your advantage and ask them ‘are there any good electrical wholesalers near me?’. The best people to approach about finding a reliable supplier are their main customer base; ask friends in the industry or any mentors or partners you have worked within the past. Through years of experience, they will know who to recommend and will probably be very happy to do so as they have likely built up a great rapport with their chosen product provider. Their recommendation might even lead to discounts or benefits for you and them down the line as it shows the supplier that you’re both loyal customers. Getting to know people’s personal experiences with suppliers in their area is the best way to gauge the quality of their service and products. This is also a good way to find out who you should avoid. In addition, to ask professional connections, when you find ‘electrical wholesalers near me’ and have a list of options, talk to the suppliers themselves. Give them a call and ask for their recommendations or a bit about the company and how they operate. Asking them about themselves will immediately give you an understanding of whether or not you’d gel well with them and should tell you a lot about whether they’d be worth ordering from. You might even want to try a small order, just to see how smoothly the process runs and what their customer service is like.

Look online

The web is a wonderful tool for searching for ‘electrical wholesalers near me’. Smart search algorithms will serve up the most relevant result based on your location and needs. If you need to find just about anything, the web is often a great place to start. In addition to serving up suppliers close to you and the basic details of their business, you’ll also be able to find relevant reviews online and be able to see what other customers thought about their products and service. You’ll also be able to quickly see what kinds of products they have in stock and available and find out lots of information about the company and how they do business.

Check with manufacturers

If you’re looking for a specific product or brand then it’s a great idea to go directly to the manufacturer to find out who your closest stockist is. They’re a great resource to ask ‘are there any electrical wholesalers near me?’ as they’ll be able to tell you straight away where you can find the product or product line you’re looking for. Usually you’ll be able to find the product you need close by, speaking to the manufacturer steamlines the process, you might even be able to the information you need on the website.

With all the great resources that professionals have to tap into finding an answer to the question ‘are there any electrical wholesalers near me’ is easy. If you can’t find anyone close by then, consider looking further afield, some suppliers offer fast delivery around the country.

How You Can Have Peace Of Mind When Your Young One Has Allergies By Implementing A Professional Wasp Exterminator In Your Area

As parents out there who have children with serious allergies will know all too well, they have to do everything in their power to reduce their anxiety about this, otherwise they won’t get anything done. While it is important to worry a little bit and to take precautions wherever they can, worrying any more than necessary can put everybody into a state of constant fear which is not a place where children should be. Be this as it may, it may be a good idea for parents out there to do whatever they can to give themselves an extra peace of mind.

For example, it may be extremely helpful for people to keep antihistamines and an EpiPen on them at all times so that they can feel comfortable knowing that if an emergency does arise, they are able to easily cater to it. And then there are those who will want to take an even more proactive approach so that they can try to control their environment and surroundings. And this is how you can have peace of mind when your young one has allergies by implementing a professional wasp exterminator in your area.

You are able to get rid of serious issues which may impact your young one with allergies by implementing a professional wasp exterminator in your area


There are a few different reasons why people should consider implementing this important service and one of which is that people are able to get rid of serious issues which may impact their young ones with allergies. For instance, depending on what time of the year it is, people may begin to notice that there are more insects in their vicinity which could pose a threat to their family. For some unlucky people, they will even be in a position where they notice a nest on their property or on the property of a nearby neighbour.

Whatever the case may be, people are able to easily combat this issue by implementing a professional wasp exterminator in their area. While it may take a few visits to completely solve the issue, this is well worth it just so people don’t have to stress when their young ones are playing outside or when they want to open a window.

You are able to maintain your home and property by implementing a professional wasp exterminator in your area on a regular basis

As mentioned above, this can be a great service to implement for those who have a noticeable problem, but it can also be a great idea to implement as a form of maintenance. Just the same as someone would clear their gutters on a regular basis, people can implement a professional wasp exterminator in their area on a regular basis just to make sure issues do not arise. This can work wonders for those who are feeling anxious about their child’s condition and who want to do everything in their power that they possibly can in order to help.

Just this small step can make a huge difference in stress levels and also can make a huge difference in how many insects appear on the property at different times of the year. As it can be seen, there are many different reasons why you should implement a professional wasp exterminator in your area on a regular basis and most of all this is important so that you and your family can have a little bit of peace of mind.

How You Can Create Better Consumption Habits For You And Your Family By Purchasing An Energy Monitor

To be a living human means that people will need to consume in order to function, however, many people are aware that they are able to take steps to help reduce the amount of consumption that is going on. For example, there are many people out there who have decided not to eat meat on Mondays as this helps reduce greenhouse gases, water useage, and can even help with preventing chronic diseases. And then there are others who are upping their recycling practices and have even decided to start their own compost for all of their food scraps.

While this is all well and good, one of the biggest things that people consume just by living is electricity and gas. As soon as it gets even a little bit hot, people will find themselves turning on their air conditioners and as soon as it gets a little bit cold, people will turn on their heaters. As it is important that parents out there do their best to set a good example, here is how you can create better consumption habits for you and your family by purchasing an energy monitor in Australia.

How you can create better consumption habits for you and your family by purchasing an energy monitor and altering what needs to be altered

One of the ways that people are able to create better consumption habits for themselves and for their family is by purchasing an energy monitor in Australia and then altering whatever habits then need to be altered. All this simply means is that people are able to get a closer look at what they are using each week and they can then change some of the things that they are doing when they notice that their usage is high. For example, they may notice that they are using a lot of energy when they are using their dryer and so they may decide to instead hang their clothes out to dry on a drying rack.

Whatever it may be that people decide to do, they sometimes are not aware that they need to make these kinds of changes until they can pinpoint what the culprit is. For instance, some people may find that their floor heater using up a great amount of energy and they can instead install split systems.

How you can create better consumption habits for you and your family by purchasing an energy monitor and having solid evidence

What can sometimes happen in a household is that people will try to convince the other people that they live with to get on board with their green ways only to realise that they are met with hesitance. Most people have been living in a certain way for their whole lives which means that they might not take it kindly when people try to tell them what to do in their own homes. As this is the case, it is usually best that people simply be the best example that they can possibly be in order to prove to people that new habits can be easily implemented.

The only trouble with this is that sometimes people will not believe what others are doing is actually helping and so they will need to be provided with some evidence. And when this is the case, people can easily show people the difference they are making by implementing a professional energy monitor in the home. This way, nothing is left up to fate and everything can be shown with accurate facts and data.

Critical Information About Online Prescriptions

A doctor’s request for online prescriptions to be prepared and administered as a drug for a patient is an important part of modern medicine. The document has several different elements and they include superscriptions with some pretentious use of Latin and other details that outline the name of ingredients and in what quantities they exist in the compound.

Online prescriptions can be put inside a digital system that collects records and transmits information on the document to a pharmacy where the patient can get the medication they need. As an alternative, they are often also written by hand and printed on a pre-made form that can then be presented by the patient to a pharmacist when they physically attend the pharmacy.

What often happens is that a patient will take their online prescription to the physical pharmacy location and present it to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will take the script and then go prepare the batch for the patient, including the printing of labels that come with written instruction on how it should be taken (i.e. with a meal, before bed etc.)

Sometimes they are simply known as ‘scripts’ as the etymology of the full word comes from “pre” (before) and “script” (written), referring to the fact it is an order written down prior to a drug being prepared. There have been some legal issues in the United States over what defines a script, with some arguing that anything a doctor says verbally as medical advice could be considered a script, but this was defeated.

They need to be easy to understand

It is not known by many people how many deaths are caused by poor handwriting on scripts, and this is why online prescriptions have become more and more commonplace as standard practise. According to a report in 2006, at least 7000 Americans died, at least indirectly, as a result of illegible handwriting on medical documents whereby a doctor’s instructions were confused or ignored.

A lot of mistakes can happen between doctor and pharmacist as there is confusion over the Latin prefixes used. With today’s modern technology, the need for this kind of antiquated system (that is prone to human error) is lessened, and now online prescriptions can ensure there is little to no inaccuracy or obfuscation.

Some American states, like Florida, have put in legislation that sets out a minimum standard requiring all scripts be legible. Otherwise, the rise in digital technology has meant that these errors have been minimised as more people prefer to trust a computer system.

How do you get an online prescription?

An online prescription is acquired by going through a telehealth service that will enable you to video chat with a real doctor. During this video conference the doctor will be able to examine your symptoms and then determine what the best course of action for treating you is.

It is important to be honest and open with your medical practitioner when undertaking this video conference so that they can give the most accurate possible online prescription to you. You are able to have this script sent to the pharmacy of your choice for a qualified pharmacist to prepare and deliver to you.

You will likely be able to get a rebate on the medication depending on your health insurance plan, if you have one. Remember to always take the medication as directed.

6 Amazing Benefits Of Buying A Modular Sofa

There are many great advantages of purchasing a modular sofa for your living room. Let’s face it, we all want a beautiful, well-constructed living space with beautiful furnishings. A modular sofa would be the perfect fit for your home if you’re looking for something that is visually aesthetic and functional. Here are some of the many reasons why this type of couch is such a popular furniture item in modern homes.


One of the great benefits of purchasing a modular sofa is its varied functionality. Indeed, you can change the individual functions of each part of the couch or lounge to suit your seating needs. One day it can be a conventional lounge, another day it could be re-arranged to be an armchair.

At the same time, interchangeable furniture items also feature several storage compartments. These can be used to store items like books, DVDs, old magazines, coasters or even tv remotes. Whatever you need it for, a modular sofa can do the job.

Easy to assemble

In addition, these couches are also very easy to assemble. Each part of the lounge is constructed in a manner that it can be easily connected or disconnected from the other pieces. This makes it great when it needs to be moved or disassembled. If you are relocating, simply dismantle the couch into its separate parts and transport it to your new home.


These lounges are also very versatile. They look terrific in small rooms and larger rooms, primarily because they can be adapted and changed to suit their surroundings. For rooms with an unconventional layout, a modular sofa is one of the best furniture options available. They even provide extra seating compared to more traditional couches, so if you’re planning on a hosting a large event or having a group of friends over, you want a couch that maximises space.


Furthermore, these couches are fantastic to look at. Regardless of the style of your interior design, these furniture lounges are made with simplicity. They come in a wide range of colours and styles, meaning they work in almost any room type imaginable. You could opt for an Alexis Chaise, Carlton, Zara, Santa Monica, Hudson or even a Newport-styled couch.


A modular sofa is also a very comfy item to add to your living furniture. If you’re someone who is very picky with their furniture and comfort needs, then interchangeable furniture is certainly the way to go. You can re-arrange it and redesign it, so it suits your specific needs for horizontal relaxation. Make sure you choose an upholstery that you assess to be the most comfy.


Do you know what else is great about buying a brand-new interchangeable couch? They are very affordable and work well with any type of budget. Even if you’re trying to save some cash on your new furniture, then interchangeable furniture should be at the top of your list. Compared to a leather lounge or a new chaise option, there is no doubt that a modular sofa is the cheaper, most valuable option.

What to do before purchasing

Before purchasing a brand-new couch for your home, there are several things you need to consider or even re-consider. Firstly, make sure the couch you have chosen will fulfil your needs. If you plan on hosting parties or large events, the bigger the better. However, you need to make sure that it logistically works with your living space. You don’t want a brand-new modular sofa that gives your living room a suffocating feeling, as opposed to a warm and welcoming feeling. Lastly, don’t forget about your budget. There are many different couch styles available, all at different price points. There is no doubt you can find something that is perfect for your home without crippling your finances.

Why Professional Assistance Through Sydney Waste Services is Valuable for Residents

Local city residents will universally enjoy services of value that make their life easier.

This is a principle that applies across the board, but is particularly pertinent with Sydney waste services.

Here we will discuss their value in greater detail, arguing why it is a better practice for those big projects than opting for the DIY approach.

Big Time Saver

Time is of the essence for families and residents in the city who already have a packed week on the calendar. Amid a 40+ hour work week and trying to pay the bills and raise a family, dealing with large loads of waste with trips to a nearby depot or tip is extra hours on the clock that cannot be gained back. This is where contacting Sydney waste services becomes such a value addition for residents who want a professional team to take the matter off their hands, ensuring they can go about their day knowing that their environment is clean and safe.

Health & Safety Precautions

From toxic chemicals, sharp objects and other hazards that are evident with rubbish removal, the inclusion of Sydney waste services is beneficial when thinking about the health and safety precautions involved. These operators have the right equipment, training and resources to ensure that their safety and that of surrounding residents is never jeopardised. There is no need to run the risk of encountering such a problem if it can be otherwise avoided – missing out on costly and damaging surgeries and treatments in the process.

Missing Out On Unforeseen Payments

The most obvious and common retort to hiring Sydney waste services revolves around money. “Why spend on a service that you can carry out yourself?” Well the fact remains that this project is not free regardless of how it is performed. From the amount of labour that is invested to the parking fees, the tolls on the city roads and the unloading at the tip or depot, this is an exercise that will still put a hole in the budget. The only difference is that these DIY operators don’t have the professional grounding and can be the victim of unforeseen payments that they didn’t originally calculate.

Missing Out On Council Fines & Penalties

Sydney council bodies enforce laws that dictate how local residents allocate their rubbish. From general waste to green, recycling to heavy materials, this is not a scenario where they can be mixed and matched for convenience. To avoid seeing an unwanted notice for a penalty or fine being sent through the mail, it is worthwhile having Sydney waste services do this designation on the client’s behalf.

Letting Others Do The Heavy Lifting

The bottom line for many residents who have large loads of rubbish removal is that carrying them from location A to location B is arduous and taxing physically. Even in a best case scenario where no injuries or illness is experienced, it is still labour that can be easily outsourced through professional Sydney waste services. Aches and strains can quickly result from such an exercise as the body has to bend and contort when taking these loads through tight spaces and awkward positions across a city landscape.

In many instances the weekly council pick-up will be enough for standard waste services. However, for other projects where a single bin is not enough for capacity, it is worthwhile contacting local Sydney waste services who have the right credentials to see what they can provide. The top operators in this market will offer constituents a free quote and ensure that their interests are looked after. Should this be the case, there is no reason not to invest in their expertise and enjoy what they have to offer.

Why The Trina Mono Solar Panel Range of Products Are a Worthy Investment Opportunity

Monocrystalline panels were once developed as a need to drive efficiency ratings with solar products.

Whereas the polycrystalline brands had their limitations, this would be a means of leveraging single-crystal silicon bars to optimise the sunlight exposure for residents.

Enter the Trina Mono (Monocrystalline) solar panel range, a series of products that have been offered to the Australian market with these inherent advantages built-in.

Here we will argue why these goods are well and truly valued as a worthy investment opportunity, maximising a piece of technology that should be optimised at every chance.

High Quality Performance Across All Weather Conditions

One of the downsides of acquiring a basic solar panel model is that it won’t necessarily be reliable during overcast and cloudy weather conditions. Particularly for residents living in these conditions continually throughout the autumn and winter months, that can be a genuine cause for concern. The Trina Mono solar panel range offers a selective emitter and provides advanced surface texturing to ensure that this performance does not falter, even when the light exposure levels are lower than expected.

Setting Industry Records

If the Trina Mono solar panel range is known for one thing and one thing only, it is the brand’s ability to continually set new industry records. The benchmark is being set almost exclusively by the organisation as their achievements have been well noted by industry experts. From the 284.7Wp output record for a 60-cell module in 2012 to the n-type IBC monocrystalline cell efficiency record of 24.13% in April of 2018, this is an enterprise that continues to lead the way for innovation and solar development.

Wide Product Range

From small and modest single homeowners to couples, large families, aged care facilities and multinational corporations, the Trina Mono solar panel range is extensive. To cater to all of these respective needs, the enterprise has had to formulate a series of unique products that are suitable for each sector in this market. This will include a range of dual glass, half-cell, bifacial, p-type mono-crystalline, PERC and multi-crystalline options. The initial 275kWh model from 2012 is still in circulation, but has since expanded to include the 365kWh TallMax range and the 315kWh Honey M Plus design as well. The company has already expressed plans to develop further beyond their 2019 standing, giving domestic customers a chance to be on the cutting edge of solar development. 

Ideal IBC Cell Placement

IBC or integrated back contact cells have become a part of modern solar infrastructure. Designed to optimise a higher concentration of sunlight than past models, these items have still proven tricky to master for manufacturers who have often left them exposed to the panels and therefore interfered in their own performance levels. The Trina Mono solar panel range integrates the busbars into the back of the cell to ensure that this exposure and added shade is not a factor to deter performance, a small step that can make a big difference in the overall equation.

Valued Highly By Clients and Constituents Globally

Arguably the best indicator for success in this instance when judging the merits of the Trina Mono solar panel range is to take stock of the reception by other clients and constituents. The ratings and reviews are continually above competitors in the same markets, illustrating that their years of performance do indeed translate to the public. Given their resources and expertise, individual consumers can leverage their innovation and take referrals from other customers at face value. This remains one of the hallmarks of the Trina Mono solar panel range.

10 Benefits of FGASA Courses

Tourism is still a very important aspect of South Africa that is continuing to grow and evolve. Looking into FGASA courses is a great way for you to get your foot in the door in an exciting industry that’s full of new opportunities.

The kind of career you start with after doing FGASA courses will probably be very different to what you initially imagine. There’s simply so much going on all the time that there’s always something new on the horizon for you.

Today’s tourists are more connected with the environment and care about leaving a minimal carbon footprint. A lot of today’s lodges that you can find on safari game reserves have taken extra steps to make everything as eco-friendly as possible so that guests don’t feel guilty about their stay or that they’ve added to a sense of exploitation.

With these things in mind, let’s take a look at 10 reasons why doing FGSA courses could be a great idea for you.

  • You will get to enjoy a life-changing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. The memories you make during FGASA courses will last a lifetime and stay with you forever.
  • You will make some amazing new friends and mentors during the time. You will likely make lifelong friends who you will correspond with for decades to come. Who knows, you might even meet the love of your life as students have married in the past!
  • You will get to be fully immersed in the wilderness for at least six months or longer! Being able to wake up to this kind of adventure every day is a real privilege and one of the highlights of FGASA courses.
  • You might get a chance of getting your absolute dream job. If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, and this is no different with FGASA courses! Imagine if you actually got to become a safari guide!
  • The skills you learn are highly transferrable, so even if you don’t land that dream safari job you can still get value out of doing it. Many students return to their home countries to use their knowledge to land jobs in wildlife tourism.
  • Being able to work on a real game reserve is one of the most amazing lifestyles you can ever hope for. Its one of the safest places to work and you won’t have to deal with any morning traffic!
  • Saving money is easy since you will work for 6 weeks on the game reserve then cycle out for a 2-week holiday.
  • You can work in some luxurious and stunning lodges that you will look impressive on your resume when you look for a future job.
  • While on FGASA courses you will learn skills, you can use throughout the rest of your life. These skills include leadership, teamwork and handling situations under pressure. 4×4 driving and photography are also skills you can learn.
  • Get up close and personal with iconic African wildlife and live a life you only see in the movies. Also, you’ll get to hang around bars telling people that you work with lions and elephants for a living.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of amazing reasons to pursue FGASA courses and start a fantastic career in wildlife tourism!

Why A Scaffold Extension Kit May Be The Exact Thing You Need To Solve All Of Your Problems

For many Australian tradesmen out there, they will become quickly acquainted with all things to do with maintenance, installations, and repairs. What they will begin to understand is that there are usually a whole host of tools and equipment that come along with these kinds of tasks and then there are a whole bunch of safety procedures to also follow. This is not only for their own good but also for the good of their team mates, client, and employer.

For instance, if people are working more than 4 metres above the ground, they will need to ensure that they are using a scaffold system. What can sometimes be a problem, however, is when their already existing system isn’t quite high enough for the task at hand and they need to get the job completed quick smart. So to best help get people out of a jam, here is why a scaffold extension kit may be the exact thing that you need to solve all of your problems.

A scaffold extension kit may be the exact thing you need to solve all of your problems as you will be able to reach a new height without having to purchase a new system

It can be a right pain for people when they have spent a lot of money on something only to find that it doesn’t have all of the capabilities that they were hoping for and that they will have to start looking for a replacement. What people may not realise is that they might not have to go out and purchase a new item as they may be able to enhance their current one. When it comes to this subject, people may instead be able to purchase a scaffold extension kit which can easily be added to their already existing system.

The great thing about this is that people are able to save themselves a great deal of money and they are also able to purchase something that is specifically suited to their needs. For instance, if people are needing exactly four more metres height then they can purchase an extension kit that is exactly 4 metres. Best of all, these types of things can usually be easily ordered online and delivered straight to people’s doors.

Why a scaffold extension kit may be the exact thing you need to solve all of your problems as people can get rid of the use of ladders altogether

While many people out there still use ladders on a daily basis, more and more businesses are turning away from this option as they understand how dangerous they can be. Not only are they uncomfortable to stand on, they are easy to fall from and they also cannot be easily adjusted so people may find themselves reaching and thus hurting themselves in the process. Instead, people are more willing to invest in small scaffolding that will allow their workers to safely operate their daily tasks.

What some people can find out that is happening, however, is that something their platform isn’t quite high enough and that people are grabbing ladders to set up on top of their platforms. This can be even more dangerous than using a ladder on the ground and is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. Thankfully, employers are able to stamp this behaviour out for good when they invest in a scaffold extension kit as their workers will easily be able to reach any height that they need.