The Importance Of A Regular Building Condition Report

It is very important that regular building condition reports are undertaken and documented. The building condition report allows a landlord to be up to date on the condition of their building, as well as maintaining a relationship between the landlord and the tenant. In addition to this, the document allows a tenant and landlord to agree on the initial state of the building prior to leasing, which can prevent further issues in terms of disputes between the landlord and tenant.

What does a building condition report contain?

The building condition report should contain the textures and fittings of a building. This includes the colour of the interior (walls, carpets), extensive information on appliances (make, model etc.), photos of the interior and any repairs or defects in the building. The building condition report contains extensive and detailed information about the state of repair that the building is currently in, and the facts of this document should be agreed on by both the tenant and the landlord prior to leasing. Failure to do so can lead to disputes about the state a house was in before leasing, and disagreement on both sides.

Reasons why a building condition report is important

It can be used as a checklist during inspections

The building condition report can be used as a checklist for the building manager to utilise, upon a tenant ending their lease and leaving the premises. This is because the building condition report will state any upfront damage that the building already contained, and compare this to the current state of building, which can easily identify new damage that has occurred during the tenant’s lease. As a result, disputes are avoided as there is clear proof to compare the states of the building from previous, to present.

It is important for the tenant for their bond to be returned

The bond a tenant initially deposits when first leasing the building is only returned if it is in the same state of repair that it was in prior to leasing. Often times, this bond is not returned citing reasons to do with damage, which can lead to conflict between the tenant and the landlord. The building condition report allows the building manager to efficiently and effectively check the building for damage, by going through the itemized checklist in order to determine this. Thus, the building condition report is a critical tool in the return of a bond to the tenant.

The landlord is able to see that their building is not being damaged

For many landlords, a building is an investment. By investing in a building and renting out to tenant(s), the landlord is putting their trust in them that they will not damage the building. Damage to the building can severely affect their investment, and their livelihood. Routine and regular inspections allow the building manager to show the landlord that the tenant is taking care of the building, and that the lease terms are being honoured. Furthermore, it allows them to see that the building is being maintained and clean, it is not damaged, maintenance issues can be identified and attended to and that there are no pets on the premises unless explicitly agreed to.

In conclusion, routine inspections of the building allow the landlord to be satisfied that the tenant is keeping the state of the building maintained and in a good state, as well as being able to have evidence of the initial state of repair the building was in prior to leasing. This ensures that disputes between returning of the bond can be resolved quickly, and protects the landlord’s investment.

The Value in Giving a Best Spas Gift Card

A Best Spas gift card might not be the first option that comes to mind when thinking of a present idea for a friend or family member. Amongst all the options that could be given, from wine or flowers to chocolate, clothing, a dinner night out or something else entirely, people can overlook the value of something that lets the recipient relax and enjoy themselves during a comprehensive service.

best spas gift card

When someone is celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement or a milestone or event that is important to them, a gift can signify that moment in the best way possible. It communicates a degree of care, love and respect for that person, and treating them to a spa day certainly ticks all those boxes.

Still left unconvinced?

Here we will look over the value in sourcing a Best Spas gift card for your friend or loved one, speaking to the advantages that you will receive as a consumer and what the recipient can look forward to once it has been accepted.


Multiple Locations

A Best Spas gift card is valid all around Australia as a series of outlets have made themselves partners to this initiative from the brand. From Sydney to Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth, every corner of the country is covered. This allows a long distance gift to still be more than valid and does not force the recipient to travel far and wide to take advantage of the services. In modern day society, families and friends do live long distances from one and other and this ability to offer a gift that is just as useful from one time zone to the next is a genuine asset.


Long Lifespan

Time limits on vouchers and gift cards can be a genuine hindrance in some respects. Placing pressure on the recipient to utilise the present within a closed time frame is never an ideal solution. For a Best Spas gift card, there is a 3-year lifespan on the item to give them plenty of time and maneuverability to make use of the item. The March 31, 2018 deadline passed and those cards issued after that particular date are qualified for that 3-year period. That is a long time to make a decision on an outlet that suits – 36 months to be exact.


Versatile For Different Celebration Types

Who is to say what a Best Spas gift card could be used for exactly? Well you, ideally. From a baby shower to a birthday, a wedding present, celebrating Mother’s Day or just as a winning prize in an office lottery – the options are endless and plentiful. This is why the item is so popular for shoppers who want something that is not tied to one single event profile.


Lower Overheads and Logistics For Purchaser

A Best Spas gift card can be redeemed through a variety of outlets around the country. They are mailed and tracked through a certified system after being ordered online. This keeps the overheads low and the logistics simple, not requiring any assembly or complicated processes to get in the way of the transaction.


Gift of Quality

The bottom line is simple. When providing a friend or loved one with a Best Spas gift card, it illustrates that you care about them because it is a sensational gift to give. Few presents empower a recipient like this does to go out on the town and enjoy themselves to a manicure, pedicure, massage or facial of their own choosing.



You will do better than to find a present that matches the quality of a Best spas gift card. Other options are out there in the market but if you speak with your friends on the quiet if they would like to receive one of these, you might be interested to hear what they have to say about the Best spas gift card.